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We offer a variety of services to help make your lawn beautiful.

Irrigation Systems

Water Features


Lawn Maintenance & Service

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    We provide landscaping services to help you with any project. Our staff can create flowerbeds and planters, water features, pathways, and more. We help you select the plants, trees, edging and fill materials. Just sit back and watch as we transform your lawn into a breathtaking landscape. Change the feeling, appearance and atmosphere of your yard with a beautiful fresh new look.
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    Irrigation Systems

    We can install an irrigation system engineered to your specific needs. We will manage every aspect of installation from the well and pump to the sprinkler heads. Our systems can include zone based timers and valves to simplify your lawn maintenance. No more moving a garden hose and sprinkler.

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    Water Features

    The subtle sound of falling water adds serenity and atmosphere to your landscape. A waterfall or beautiful coy pond is a great enhancement to add to any backyard retreat. We can create small entry features for the front of your home.

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    Lawn Maintenance & Service

    Looking for a break from the tiresome chore of lawn maintenance? Look no further. Terry's Landscape, Inc. is the answer to help you beat the summer heat. Let us manage your yard including cutting, trimming, shrubs, flower bed maintenance and more.

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    Paths & Hardscapes

    Transform your yard with custom features. We can design and install custom paths, patios, shade structures, walls, fences and more. If you are looking to add a special feature to your property, look no further. Terry's Landscape, Inc can design and install a variety of special features. These features can add beauty and function to your property. It's time to get the most out of your yard. Let us build your new feature today.
    See what Terry's Landscape, Inc can create!

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    Sod Installation

    Complete sod installation with several varieties of grass to choose from, that are specific to this area.

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    Pressure Washing

Terry's Landscaping Services

Flower beds

New sod for a fresh green look

Natural plant barriers and dividers

Garden areas and features

Planting palms and other trees

Removal of unwanted elements

Complete property landscaping

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Terry's Hardscaping Services

Natural paths

Stone and brick walkways

Custom patio pavers

Retaining walls

Sitting areas

Garden features

Shade structures

Lanais and small pergolas

Fences and decks